Journal articles

To appear

  • Random choice from Likelihood: The case of Chuj (Mayan) [with Luis Alonso-Ovalle]. Journal of Semantics. To appear [link]
  • Atz’am k’ik’ atz’am: The story of Xuwan and a grammatical sketch of Chuj [with Pedro Mateo Pedro, Elizabeth Carolan, Jessica Coon, and Matal Torres]. Tlalocan, 27. To appear [link]
  • Decomposing definiteness: Evidence from Chuj. Canadian Journal of Linguistics. To appear. [link]


  • Prosody as syntactic evidence: The view from Mayan. Natural Language & Linguistic Theory. [link]
In volumes / proceedings

To appear

  • Las configuraciones referenciales en chuj. In Cristina Buenrostro (ed.) Estudios de Lengua y Cultura Chuj, Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México. [PDF]
  • La composición de la estatividad en chuj [with Robert Henderson, Paulina Elias, Justin Royer, and Jessica Coon]. In Cristina Buenrostro (ed.) Estudios de Lengua y Cultura Chuj, Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México.
  • Classifying classifiers: Evidence from Ch’ol, Shan, and Chuj for two types of numeral classifiers [with Carol-Rose Little and Mary Moroney]. To appear in the Proceedings of SULA 11. [link]
  • Object raising, binding, and coreference in Chuj. To appear in Alessa Farinella and Angelica Hill (eds.), NELS 51: Proceedings of the fifty-first annual meeting of the North East Linguistic Society. [link]
  • Ergative anaphors and high absolutive syntax [with Dan Brodkin]. To appear in Gabriella de la Cruz-Sánchez (ed.), Proceedings of WCCFL 39. [PDF]


  • Headless relative clauses in Chuj. In Ivano Caponigro, Harold Torrence, and Roberto Zavala (eds.), Headless Relative Clauses in Mesoamerican languages. 327-361. Oxford University Press [link].
  • An apparent syntax-prosody mismatch as right extraposition: Evidence from Mayan. In Ayana Whitmal, Yixiao Song, Mariam Asatryan (eds.), NELS 50: Proceedings of the Fiftieth Annual Meeting of the North East Linguistic Society. 3, 113-126. [link]
  • Weak and strong definites in Kabyle. In Nico Baier, Jessica Coon, and Morgan Sonderegger, McGill Working Papers in Linguistics 26(1). [link]
  • Nominalization and Selection in two Mayan languages [with Jessica Coon]. In Artemis Alexiadou and Hagit Borer (eds.), Nominalization: 50 Years on from Chomsky’s Remarks, 139-169. Oxford University Press.
  • Clause-typing in Québec French TU [with Daniela Isac]. In Irene Vogel (eds.), Romance Languages and Linguistic Theory, 16. 156-169. John Benjamins Publishing Company [link].
  • Random choice modality: The view from Chuj (Mayan) [with Luis Alonso-Ovalle]. In Michael Franke, Nikola Kompa, Mingya Liu, Jutta L. Mueller, and Juliane Schwab, Proceedings of Sinn und Bedeutung 24. 1, 48-65. Osnabrück University. [link]


  • Domain restriction and noun classifiers in Chuj (Mayan). In Maggie Baird and Jonathan Pesetsky (eds.), NELS 49: Proceedings of the Forty-Ninth Annual Meeting of the North East Linguistic Society. 3, 87-97 [link]
  • Random-choice modality in Chuj: the case of ‘komon’ [with Luis Alonso-Ovalle]. In Ryan Bennett, Robert Henderson, Pedro Mateo Pedro, and Megan Harvey (eds.), Proceedings of Form and Analysis in Mayan Linguistics.  [link]


  • The composition of stativity in Chuj [with Robert Henderson, Paulina Elias, Justin Royer, and Jessica Coon]. In Laura Kalin, Ileana Paul, and Jozina Vander Klok, Heading in the right direction: linguistic treats for Lisa Travis. 100-109.


  • Noun and numeral classifiers in Chuj (Mayan). In Julia Nee, Margaret Cychosz, Dmetri Hayes, Taylor Lau, and Emily Remirez, Proceedings of the 43rd annual meeting of the Berkeley Linguistics Society, Berkeley Linguistics Society, 2(1), 29-38. [link]

In progress

  • Binding and coreference in Mayan and the pervasiveness of high-absolutive syntax. Ms. McGill University. [email for draft].